The Math Just Sucks

So, Jon & Kate + 8 took over TLC this weekend in a bid for the network to maximize the scandal surrounding the family and plug tomorrows season premiere.

There have been several cute little plays on the shows title by various tabloid shows & mags
Jon – Kate
Kate + 8 – Jon

You get the idea.

We have watched this show on and off since it first aired as a documentary. It was a decent “reality” show (I use that term loosely as it’s so staged) about a family with 2 sets of multiples.

We love Jon (I will be sporting a TEAM JON shirt should I be able to find one!), he always looks like the most tired man on earth, oozing patience. Kate has picked my butt since the beginning and it’s only gotten worse. I don’t want to hear anyone giving me the “ohhh, you haven’t walked in her shoes” and “You don’t have 8 kids” bit either. Come on, she wanted this show & began marketing her family before the sextuplets were born.

We have discussed the way Kate treats Jon (and people in general) for years. It’s like his wedding vows went something like this, “I, Jon, promise to do what ever you say, allow myself to be demeaned in public and in front of our children and allow you put my balls in a vice at your discretion while you wish I sit by your side, forever muted”.

Now, I’m not saying stepping out on your partner is the solution to the problem, quite the opposite. I honestly hope they can save their relationship, but for goodness sakes people, get some help and enough with the show already.

I have yet to see this play on the title
Jon – Kate = 8 heartbroken babies.

Cara and Maddy must be 7 or 8 now – as if their classmates don’t know about the show. Walking into 2nd or 3rd grade knowing everyone in your class knows your Daddy stepped out on your Mommy is more than should be expected of these kiddos.

Pull the plug.

That been said, we will be tuning in tomorrow night to see if Kate continues to play the victim and continues to throw her partner under the bus as she has with all her recent PR endeavours.

I also want to see if she’s done something about that skunk/porcupine hairstyle yet – seriously, what’s that about?


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