The Kate Gosselin Pity Party

* For the duration of this post, please be advised that I believe Jon has been unfaithful (in some capacity) to Kate & is not ready to admit it publicly.

So, after watching the season premiere of Jon & Kate + 8 last night, I decided the best thing for them would be to send Kate to Duggar Bootcamp. Granted, Michelle Duggar has treated her vagina like a clown car, but at least she knows what she’s doing. Kate could learn a thing or two on how to treat family from Michelle. Perhaps a few lessons on how to treat your partner with dignity & respect. After watching a bunch of Jon & Kate episodes over the weekend, it became disconcerting how much their relationship had deteriorated, divorce wouldn’t be a huge surprise.

I don’t want to hear any “oh, but no one deserves to be cheated on” arguments either, but I’ll give you – it’s a terrible way to go about getting out of a marriage. Respect breeds respect, it’s pretty obvious that has been missing on the Gosselin front for a long time. Jon just disrespected Kate in a different way than she disrespects him. While we’re on that subject, if the situation were reversed, and Jon berated Kate in every episode – there would be women lined up for blocks to kick his ass every time he stepped outside their 3.1 million dollar home. And when she cheated – after being spoken to for 5 years like she’s a trained chimp – everyone would be saying “you go girl”. Fucking double standards.

What’s with the way Kate phrases everything? She tells us that Jon “needed the weekend off”, leading us to believe Jon wouldn’t be attending the sextuplets’ birthday party. What was probably more accurate was that Jon didn’t want to be filmed (come on, filming 4 days a week would wear on anyone – when there’s no controversy brewing) and that pissed Kate off so she had to play the victim – yet again – and take the kids shopping on her own. Poor Kate. Jon did in fact attend the party – he had to pick up the cakes & bring them over. His interactions with the kids was heartbreaking & Kate trying to figure out why she was so cold (her heart) while trying to appear less awkward was just pitiful.

It’s obvious the Kate Gosselin empire is strong – the show has become their main source of income, but do the math

  • $25,000 to $75,000 per episode
  • Decent coin on 2 book deals
  • Speaking engagements, reportedly another $25,000 a pop to hear this woman speak
  • Residual income from DVD sales
  • Kate’s new children’s clothing line

That’s not a bad little living.

I can see why Kate would want to keep the machine going and come up with this plan

I love how after Kate announces the plan to Jon, he finds a college girl to play “Let’s Hide The Hair-Plugs” with and then Kate totally throws him under the bus, making herself the victim. Heaven help those kids with this kind of manipulation polluting their air.

To hear her complain about the paparazzi following her around makes me want to give her one or two good hard smacks. She’s gonna be throwing 7 kinds of shit fits when the paparazzi aren’t around anymore – it’ll mean no one cares about her & her family anymore & the ride is over. I hope they’ve invested well.

I’m not disputing Kate is well organized and can run a house – a skill required with a big family. But I hope that if I ever spoke to or about my husband the way she does Jon that someone who loves me would take me aside and tell me what a bitch I am. Now, since that hasn’t appeared to have happened, I’m going to err on the side of caution and assume Kate has eaten everyone who loved her. I’m not under any illusion that Jon is still living in the house but should he be allowed back in, my fear would be that without help, Kate would make him pay for his “bad decisions” for the rest of their marriage.

Kate proclaims to be a Christian, so she should know that when she’s asked about her husband & says “I’m here for the kids” 27 times, red flags are bound to be raised. God 1st, Husband 2nd, Children 3rd. I don’t think Jon’s come 2nd for a long time. They stopped being lovers and became parents. I know maintaining that balance is difficult in the best of situations (ie – parents to only 1 child), however it doesn’t seem like they surrounded themselves with people who would hold them accountable to each other and their family. They’ve gone out of control & no one is there to help reign them in.

It’s time for this couple to cut the show, pull together & save what’s left.


9 thoughts on “The Kate Gosselin Pity Party

  1. I was thinking the same thing as Colleen! Amen! Your post took the words right out of my mouth!! Kate is NOT the only victim, and I applaud you for pointing that out!

  2. I've only seen one episode and I couldn't stomach the way she treated him. I've heard (too) much about the drama though and you basically said every single thing that I've been thinking.

  3. This is the best piece I've seen written about this mess. You are so right about the double standard. I always felt sorry for Jon when she talked to him the way she does.

    I did watch the first and second episodes this season and my gut feeling is the show will fizzle faster than people think. The show isn't nearly what it used to be. Not fun. Not light. Not warm and fuzzy. Just angry and miserable.

    I'm sure TLC is sweating.

  4. I totally agree–I have only seen the show here and there–but I was always struck by how awful she was to Jon. It made me cringe!

    PS–I see on your profile you're a CM consultant–I was one about a million years ago!

  5. I came by way of Immoral Matriarch, and really, you couldn't have said it better. I've only seen several episodes, but my husband can't stand to hear how Kate talks to Jon so I can't watch it. But the amount of drama unfolding is unreal. Its so sad because there really are 8 kids to be accounted for.

  6. Fuck Kate. I've seen this coming from the beginning and she is just a nasty, nasty woman. She only had six kids at a time out of selfishness…I'm not such a fan of the Duggars either (i'm not a fan of any family that would sell out their kids for reality TV) but at least they had them over multiple, multiple pregnancies. I had an in vitro pregnancy and I reduced.

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