Bedtime used to be my favourite time of day with my daughter. It meant all was quiet, she was chill and there were lots of snuggles.

Bedtime is now bittersweet.

It seems every time I put her to sleep she wakes up a little bigger, wiser and more grown up. Why does God make childhood go by so fast and shit times like junior high school last so long?

It seems every day I lay my head down I’m filled with questions and regrets like,

  • Did I spend enough time with her today?
  • Why didn’t I have the camera ready for that perfect photo op?
  • Did I make her feel special?
  • Why do I spend so much time trying to make others happy when I should really be concerned about my own family?

These are the things that keep me awake sometimes. It’s all going by so quickly that I feel like every family moment is precious since, in the grand scheme of things, they only happen a handful of times a month. I really feel like tomorrow my daughter will be asking for the keys to the car.

8 hours and 53 minutes until bedtime, gotta make it count.

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One thought on “Bedtime

  1. Try not to spend too much time worrying. Try to spend more time enjoying. The minutes you spend worrying are wasted moments that you won't get back. It all goes so fast!

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