10 Guilty Pleasures

George Michael. Sweet, sweet heavens, I love this man like a crack whore loves a pipe. From “Everything She Wants” – pure cotton candy goodness to the entire “Songs of a Century” album. He’s a musical genius the likes of Stevie Wonder and no one will convince me otherwise. Thank you to the Music Man for making my dream of seeing George come true – from the front row.

“Road House”, “Dirty Dancing” & “North & South” mini series. Now, you may ask “why doesn’t she just say ‘Patrick Swayze movies'”? Well, I love Patrick, but let’s face it, “Three Wishes” looked terrible, I wasn’t a huge fan of “Ghost” either. These are the best of the best of Patrick.

Scrapbooking. Want to remember the big moments in life? Better yet…want to remember the totally horrendous grad dress? Scrapbook. As I have moved my “work space” to our bedroom I had to scale back my supplies to the bare minimum required to facilitate my addiction. Being a Consultant for Creative Memories isn’t helping the surplus either, but I love it. And, you can fuel your addiction here.

Male movie stars around the age of 18-ish. I don’t know what to tell you, the Mrs. Robinson in me? Zac Efron just makes my pink parts happy.

Home shopping. LOVE to order something online & await its arrival. LOVE.

Pepsi. Hands down the better cola. However, if it’s a slurpee, then it has to be coke. Either go well with Rum.

Disney. I lived in Southern California for a while after high school & was a Disney fan before the move. Going to Disneyland made me a Disney loser forever. I cry during the parades, I wait too long for rides, I pay way too much money for a Churro, but damn it’s a good day when you wake up in Disneyland!

Sleep. Wife + mother = no sleep or time to myself. When I can get either of those things, I’m giddy like Corey Haim on another reality show.

Baking or cooking. Long, uninterrupted baking sessions of just me & the mix master. I have a copy of the Joy of Cooking & I use it.

I am a love junkie. I love to be touched, I love sappy movies, I love being gross and showing loads of PDA…and if all goes right, well, you might get to bang me like a screen door in a wind storm…well, not you, unless you’re Music Man…

…or George Michael.

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2 thoughts on “10 Guilty Pleasures

  1. I love this! I have to agree with everything you say…just switch George Michael with Donnie Wahlberg! :o) Love your blogs!

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