Daytime TV

All right, so I’ve been addicted to Days of Our Lives since kindergarten – I blame my mom. Soaps & the stay at home mom have been an inseparable combination for decades. I can’t explain it, there’s something about the highly anticipated story lines & fart acting that keeps me tuning it – for decades. I won’t pretend I’m cool.

The best part about soaps?

Zero chance of seeing a placenta.

There’s how many baby/birth shows on now? About a bagillion. Birth Stories, Baby Story, Birthdays, etc. All endearing tales of couples embarking on babydom. You can turn on the TV at pretty much any part of the day & see the latest pot roast coming into the world.

Having recently gone through childbirth for the second time, I would have thought these shows would be lost on me now – they’re not. There’s some weird voyeuristic section of my brain that wants to see how other women choose to have their kids. Until now.

You know what I love?

Those blurry spot they put over the nasty bits – love those blurry areas! At least they used to have blurry areas. The higher brow birth shows still have them, but I tuned into a show this morning that had me looking at my jam in a different light. And I just had a kid!

Seriously, if people want to see the kind of birthing seen on Animal Planet, they should go to a birthing class. I had my son at home, a great birth experience, but in no way would I fool myself into thinking other people would want to live it with us! There’s no video to post on youtube. There’s no pictures to turn into an awkward coffee table book.

I’m going back to watching Days of Our Lives.

The Conception Show – now that’s a show I could get behind! Or should I say ‘from behind’?

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