Survival Mode

Well, Statler & Waldorf left this afternoon. All survived, but I am not able to elaborate just yet. This is actually about Jon & Kate – watching other people’s dysfunction apparently makes me feel better when I’m wallowing in the mouldy cheese that is my relationship with my parents.

Anyway, so this episode was supposed to be “The BIG Announcement”. Drum roll please…

Jon & Kate are getting divorced. Really? That’s the big announcement? In other BIG news, George Michael is still gay, brown is the new black and the economy is suffering – don’t all gasp at once.

Now, I could be wrong, but does Jon have the capability of becoming a complete jerkwad? What’s with the earrings circa 1983? Those have got to be new. He’s also looking more GQ lately (they’ve both had make overs…nice new boobies!). And why apartment hunt in NYC – why not in Wernersville? I do admit it’s incredibly sad I know where they live.

The episode was incredibly heart wrenching, as divorce should be. There was just something about Jon that was off. He checked out of the whole show at the end of last season & you can just tell he’s loathing every moment of filming, but that’s not it. It’s almost like his new found freedom is allowing him to find his inner douche.

Hmmm, Kate is Kate. She’s handling it in Kate fashion, still the victim. I think there is way more going on behind the scenes that we don’t know about. Not that I need Jon to admit he’s been poking a college girl, there’s just something very icky about how he’s handling himself now.

They should both be in counselling. Kate needs to find a way to chill & not be quite so damn shrill. Jon needs to learn that having balls does not equal turning into a frat boy.

The Trending Topics on Twitter are currently;

  1. Jon & Kate
  2. Iran
  3. Iran Election

Ouch. Talk about Reality TV! I’m waiting for the “Real Housewives of Afghanistan” myself, Kate can go there for a while – that’s must see TV!

And remember when Jon & Kate talked about God? Where did He go? Not enough room for Him in the big, new house?

Personally, I think there’s still something salvageable in the relationship. They need to stop selling out – Jon doesn’t need a BMW and Kate doesn’t need to keep the boobs quite so perky. The show needs to end. But, what do I know?

Elvis sold his soul & was crowned King.

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