Eight Crazy Weeks!

Jude is now 8 weeks old! It hardly seems possible.

One of Jude first smiles caught on camera.
One of Jude’s first smiles caught on camera.


I’ve had such a kick ass time getting to know this little one. He’s so easy going (just like his big sis was) and I think we’ve adjusted to life as a family of four quite well. We really shouldn’t complain (but that doesn’t stop us me) he’s a good eater, sleeper & all around good baby. We’re enjoying him very much.

Also, Emmy and Cleo had an altercation recently where Cleo was not being cooperative with whatever Emmy was subjecting her to. Emmy then yelled, “PENIS” at Cleo and stormed off. It was about the funniest thing I have ever seen. These little people we’re raising are a riot. Now, if I could just get her to yell that at Statler & Waldorf, my life would be complete. Hell, I might yell it at them.
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3 thoughts on “Eight Crazy Weeks!

  1. Thanks! Glad my life can be of some amusement. I’m still working on this blog thing, but as long as Statler & Waldorf keep visiting, I’ll always have material…if they stop, I’ll dig in the archives!

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