Party Pooper?

Okay, seriously – when did I get so damn old? I’d like to blame Mommydom, but that’s just not it. I am a retiree trapped in a 31 year olds body. The 31 year old in me wants to party once in a while. You know, get down like the old days…but the retiree in me wants a comfortable chair & complains that the music is too loud where ever the 31 year old takes her. It’s a losing battle.

I am very excited to be going to dinner & the movies with good (old) friends tonight where we can eat popcorn, junk & gossip chat. However, we’ll be attending the late show…when was the last time I was out that damn late? Can I even stay out that late? It’s an incredibly sad state of affairs. What’s sadder is that we’re not even doing anything fragrantly wicked! One of my friends is going out after the movie. Seriously? The thought makes me nauseous.

Here’s the saddest part of the whole getting older ordeal.

Both kidlets are down for a sleep & I am heading to the couch for a nap. How very Cosby of me.

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2 thoughts on “Party Pooper?

  1. Why the switch? Is WordPress much better? Don’t you worry, I have followed you here 🙂 And well worth it, that was an awesome post. It makes me feel like I am not the only one with crazy family. I’m proud of you for keeping your cool…if it were me I think I would be begging for morphine all week.

  2. I think WordPress is better. From a totally unbiased (since I haven’t had much time on either!) opinion, WordPress gives you more freedom. There’s more in the back end to help manage your blog & I’ve found it more intuitive to use…might just be me?

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