Happy Birthday Canada…a day late.

Holy living fuck there are crazy people out there. I will be running out to get my “Love Thine Neighbour In The Ass” t-shirt promptly.

Thank you to my SFAM (Sista From Anotha Mista), Limegirl for sharing this crazy, crazy, piece of ignorance.

Here’s the big picture question…why can’t God just smote these people? I do remember The Westboro Church (I refuse to link them) and I have to wonder…are they all family? Seems like one big happy family – albeit a forkless family tree.

Faggy Nazi Regime? Fag run Canada? Holy fuck. Lazy RCMP? Fred, I pray you never come to Canada ’cause we would kick the living shit out of you & then toast with a Kokanee. Never, ever, have I been more proud to be Canadian. You stay the fuck in your own country & leave us alone – it’s your kind we’re not interested in. I think Fred needs to get his facts straight before he spreads his hate mongering, Tim McLean was 22 (not 18) and Vincent Li was a Chinese immigrant, so let’s not blame Canada for that one. And while I’m on the subject, what in the funky butt lovin’ does the Tim McLean tragedy have to do with fags? Seriously? Come the fuck on!

My heart has grown a little more for Michael Moore.

My destruction may draweth nigh, but I’m going down with my lube.

Happy Birthday Canada!

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