Sangria Summer


I had heard the word Sangria before. I knew what it was in the sense that I didn’t think it was a country or a disease. That, and the fact it was made with red wine, was about all I knew. Luckily, my sister in law is a wino lover of red wine, so she gave me the low down on how to make it. I looked up a few recipes for inspiration, took my sister in law’s advice and decided to dive in. 

From here through the end of August October, summer will now be referred to as “Sangria Summer”.

Here is my recipe, I made enough to satisfy most of Italy, so feel free to half it, I’m sure it will taste great!


Irreverent Mommy’s Berry Sangria

  1. 2 bottles red wine
  2. 2 cups concentrated lemonade*
  3. 2 cups sugar (or less, to taste)
  4. one blender full of berries, pureed (I used frozen blueberries, strawberries & raspberries)
  5. 1 litre of Ginger Ale (or more, to taste)

Mix the first 4 ingredients, then add Ginger Ale.

This made enough for 2 good sized pitchers. I threw in some fresh blueberries & raspberries when I drank served the Sangria. Also, a splash of dark rum makes this extra yummy!

*I used Black Currant Lemonade concentrate that I picked up at our local Farmer’s Market, but I’m sure you could use any concentrate that’s on hand.

I will make this again, except I think I’ll do it in a “to-go” fashion. I’ll puree the berries, sugar and lemonade then freeze in ice cube trays. That way, when I feel like a Sangria I can just throw a few cubes into a glass of wine & I’m good to go – and for those fools people who don’t like Sangria, they can still enjoy some wine.

I think it will be fun to try it with peaches & nectarines and a splash of mango liqueur. I see many variations on this recipe happening.

Good times, oh yes.




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One thought on “Sangria Summer

  1. Mmm sangria… you can add anything to it and it would taste amazing, but make sure to try the classic: vino, club soda, orange and lemon wedges. To add a little pizazz, include a shot or five, I mean two, of brandy. Let the summer begin!

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