Refuses to stay little

My little one walking far as far away from me as I will allow.

DSC06634Summer is flying by. Every summer I think we’re going to get to slow down and enjoy life a little bit more but every summer our calendar fills up, work remains on our plates and suddenly I’m starting to plan for Christmas (uh, yeah, I start doing that early, but still!). There are a few moments where I get to sit back & see my daughter growing before my eyes. These were 2 such moments.


Time is so precious in this world of technology where one can “work” all day long and still feel like nothing has been accomplished, it’s nice to occasionally be granted glimpses of the world through a nearly three year olds eyes .

I remember summer days filled with solving mysteries on my bike only interrupted by cold heaven from the ice cream truck. That was the best ice cream! Running down your arm, I had no inhibition then & would lick that ice cream off my arm, shirt, shoelace and most likely, sidewalk and I didn’t care who was watching! I love catching Emmy in those moments.

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