Naughty Girl

Okay, I was going to do a post today with some recipes but I’ve gotten totally sidetracked by a tweet from John Stamos (I believe the tweet was meant just for me, but I suppose 17,000-ish other people got it too…whatever) of Kevin Spacey on Letterman (Kevin also sends tweets just to me…or at least I think he does). So, being that it was posted by John, I had to check it out.

Watching it led me to thinking about other sexy men who I would gladly recieve a spanking from (Kevin & John have all ready been mentioned).

In no particular order (I’m also leaving out George Michael and Zac Efron because they’ve been mentioned).

Gerard. Butler. Mmm. Granted, I’d probably need a shot of some sort after, but that’s okay

Jude Law. And no, we didn’t name our son after him…that would be weird.

Chris Noth can bring home the cuffs from Law & Order any time

Bruce Willis hit 50 & damn

Anthony LaPaglia has done it for me since Empire Records

David Duchovny. Need I say more? Would probably also require a shot

Jack Nicholson is the coolest man on earth & I’d take one or two good hard smacks even if his arm fat was waving

Jensen Ackles, dude

John Cusack gave me his heart & I gave him a pen, I’ve got a spank coming

Charlize Theron – for Alec & she’s super hot


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7 thoughts on “Naughty Girl

  1. Seriously……all those men are either babies (Zac Efron), contaminated (Gerard Butler & Duchovny who has probaby worn out his man parts), gay (George) or are just plain old (the rest of them will be getting the big V prescription soon). The only exception is Jensen Ackles – that man could wear nothing but cowboy boots and ride me like a …..oh wait did I say that out loud?

    1. This is true. Definite Oedipusian qualities to these guys.

      Gerard Butler is only 40 though & John Cusack is only 43, both well within the fuckability range of my 31.

    1. I think I’m the only one who doesn’t find Robert Pattinson attractive, I want to kidnap him & give him a shower.

      Jake = 2 thumbs up! JACK NASTY!

      Joaquin is a little too moody & I have to be the bitch in the relationship. But I could be convinced if he talked to me like Johnny Cash.

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