New York, who me?

Okay, so the big BlogHer conference is going on in Chicago as I write this. Seen as I am a newbie to blogging, I had never heard of it before May. By May, Chicago was sold out. Truth be told, I’m still not totally sure what it’s all about – but I’m willing to find out. The only way to find out is to attend the conference next year.

In New York City.

Holy crap.

I will admit Alec had no chance. The announcement for (August) 2010 was made this morning & I basically looked at him & said “I’m not missing it next year, I’m paying my registration fee – where’s my VISA?”. This is where I gush over what a kick ass husband I have ’cause he gave me zero shit about plunking down the dollars on a conference he knows nothing about & sounds like a weekend of drunken debauchery heavy networking.

Gushing aside, I could never go to NYC without Alec. It’s like a peanut butter going without jam – just doesn’t work. So he is coming with me, we’ll be staying at the Hilton New York (where BlogHer will be held). I won’t lie, NYC always seemed like a cool place, but not one that was in my top five places to visit in my lifetime.

Until now.

Our hotel is five blocks from Central Park, we’ll be steps from 5th Avenue & Times Square. Alec has talked about visiting NYC for as long as I have known him and I think when this came up, it just seemed like a perfect opportunity for us to take that honeymoon we’ve been talking about for the last five and a half years.

We have a whole year to figure out how we’re going to make this work, but we’re going to make this work.

BlogHer 2010 & NYC – irreverence is heading your way!

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7 thoughts on “New York, who me?

  1. I didnt get BlogHer either and now I want to go so bad! My hubby was all on board as well, until I said it’s in New York…. The home of the dreaded Yankees…So maybe I’ll be able to get to 2011 😉

  2. Because of the Yankees? Really?

    Perhaps it’s because I don’t understand baseball, not the biggest sport here in Canada. And I won’t lie – I couldn’t know less about sports.

  3. Ah you are going to love New York….believe me – it is great fun… much to see and do….I have lived and/or worked there for 10 years. I too will be going to the BlogHer conference next year in NYC – easy for me to get to!!!! Hope to meet you there!!!

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