Help, I’m annoying.

Is there some kind of support group for annoying? I’ll be president? Hi, I’m Irreverent Mommy & I am annoying.

Alec & I went on a date last night (yes, I am super lucky that he still wants to date me). We had dinner & then saw the latest Harry Potter. Alec handed me the debit card to pay but I didn’t want to.

So I whined.

I am talking full on Jessica Simpson circa Newlyweds kind of whine. The kind of whine that if Nick pulled a Tony Danza Dick Slap on her, you’d actually feel he was justified.

AND, I didn’t even know I was doing it.

Could this be due to my significant source of conversation is coming from a two year old? I think so?

I trust that if I was this annoying prior to children someone would have pulled me aside & explained that hearing a grown woman speak that way would make others around her want to rip off their own arms just to have something to shove in her mouth to stop the sound of her voice from escaping.

Here’s to hoping today leads to less annoying outcomes.

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4 thoughts on “Help, I’m annoying.

  1. Hey, at least you have the wherewithal to realize it later and want to correct it in yourself! Kudos to you for that. Besides, all of us have a little whine stored up in us ready to jump up when it is least welcome.

  2. Ah! You should whine as much as possible! That’s how you can wretch goodies out of people of irritate the hell out of irritating people by being more irritating than them. Get the point? Neither do I 😐

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