Girl Talk Thursday

Girl Talk Thursday

Girl Talk Thursday – How Do You Unwind?

This is actually something I need to explore. Alec tells me his workouts help him unwind. Truth be told, the only way you’d see me running is if Alec were running ahead of me, backwards, naked and wearing a powdered sugar doughnut cock ring. We have kids, it ain’t happening.

I used to take baths. Now when I’m in the bath I can hear the household noise going on & sit there and worry…is Alec letting Emmy practise her knife throwing routine again? Don’t get me wrong, he is completely capable and awesome with our kids – my brain, however, is not so awesome.

So, how do I unwind? Let’s bullet this shall we?

  • Blogging. As I’m a new blogger, I am enjoying getting to know the community. Being able to write has been a great creative experience that I quite enjoy.
  • Cleaning. What the fuck? I think my Enjoy-o-Meter is broken. Having a clean house seriously makes me less anxious. I’m trying to figure out how to keep all rooms clean simultaneously.
  • Sex. Come on, you like it too. Even better with another person.
  • Movies. I think because we see so few flicks in their entirety, when we do, I have to do a happy dance.
  • Time to myself to do any of the above. It would be wicked to do all of the above in one day, but I think time would cease to exist.

Now, that’s done, a few things bear mentioning.

  • Road trips are hands down my favourite things. It’s been about a decade a while since my last long road trip. And, let’s face it, hitting the road with a nearly 3 year old and an infant doesn’t sound like a good time. When one of them can drive, they can follow my car.
  • I really like grocery shopping. Not unloading – that’s so not in my job description. But the actual being at the store part is good & if that’s my outing for the week (without kids) I am okay with that. I understand this makes me a freakshow, but I am okay with that.


This post is kind of a mess.


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10 thoughts on “Girl Talk Thursday

  1. you make me laugh!! love this post! a clean house helps me relax too – it drives Henri crazy because he can relax at anytime, no matter the state of the house, where as I’ll be having a mental breakdown because I should have vacuumed or dusted…anything!
    I love reading…but never seem to have the time – and I don’t even have the 2nd child yet!!

  2. Yay!! I’m not the only one who enjoys grocery shopping!!!! I’ve liked it since I was a kid, and I probably always will. Just a suggestion, try drinking a glass of wine while you unload and organize the kitchen. It helps a lot. Of course, that means you have to do your shopping later in the day (I SUPPOSE you should wait until after 5pm)

    I also enjoy watching TV in the tub with said glass of wine. (yes, we have a TV in the bathroom, and NO, I have not been able to partake in such luxuries since Matthea was born.)

  3. I like 1) getting away by myself with a good book
    2) long hot bath with a good book
    3) Road trip with someone else driving and a good book
    4) Sex, no book

    I hate grocery shopping – I’m a little more psycho – office supply stores are my thing. Oh yeah – and bookstores.

  4. I actually LIVE for my private trips to the story – grocery or Target doesn’t matter, just that time out of the house, on my own, browsing the aisles is worth its weight in gold!

    And for the record, I can’t take baths anymore either (my favorite pastime pre-Pineapple) and when the house is clean, I feel better about the other aspects of my life that might be a little messy.

    In other words, we are sympatico. Except for the donut thing. Sugar is the devil until I’m pre-Pineapple weight. *le sigh*

  5. This pretty much sums up how I feel about excercise:
    Truth be told, the only way you’d see me running is if Alec were running ahead of me, backwards, naked and wearing a powdered sugar doughnut cock ring.

    Fucking CLASSIC! I want it on a tshirt! But instead of Alec, replace with David Beckham

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