Girl Talk Thursday

Girl Talk Thursday

Girl Talk Thursday – Favourite/Meaningful Songs

This is a difficult subject for me. I’ll try to not choose all George Michael tunes, but it will be hard since he’s provided the soundtrack to most of my life.

Today, Tomorrow & Forever – Elvis Presley

I vow we’ll never part

Today, tomorrow and forever

Long as there’s stars above

It probably bears mentioning that I’ve been an Elvis fan since before I mastered speech. The first item I ever bought was an Elvis album at a neighbour’s garage sale. Statler was horrified I’d been a patron at a garage sale – somewhere she’d never be caught dead – totally made me feel like a bad ass so Elvis & I began hanging out together. This has always been my favourite song. It’s from Viva LasVegas and takes place on Rusty’s (Ann-Margret) house boat. She goes to change into another fab outfit & Elvis serenades her. Growing up watching Elvis films lead to my holding dates to an unattainable standard. If they didn’t sing to me – out. When we were planning our wedding, I took full advantage of Alec being a composer. He created an instrumental version of this song that took my breath away, it was perfect for when I walked down the isle.

Waiting (Reprise) – George Michael

You look for your dreams in heaven,

But what the Hell are you supposed to do

When they come true?

I honestly believe Listen Without Prejudice to be one of the greatest albums of my time – don’t even try to argue with me, it’s just a fact. How anyone could’ve been surprised of George’s sexuality after listening to that album is beyond me. It’s one of those albums that is always in my rotation. Seeing George live was seriously a religious experience & much to my delight, this was the opening song in the show.

Peace Train – Cat Stevens

Now I’ve been happy lately,

thinking about the good things to come

And I believe it could be,

something good has begun

I just chose Peace Train because I couldn’t choose just ONE Cat song. I love all of his stuff – the new stuff is good too, like he never left. I didn’t discover Cat until my twenties. Statler & Waldorf were more in the Lawrence Welk era, so Cat was a little too on the outside of comfortable for them & they certainly didn’t (and still don’t) understand the Muslim conversion, so Lawrence & his rendition of Tiny Bubbles it was for our house. If you don’t have this album, go buy it now – seriously, go.

In My Life – The Beatles

All these places have their moments

With lovers and friends I still can recall

Some are dead and some are living

In my life I’ve loved them all

There’s really nothing to explain. This song just kicks all ass. This cover is particularly good. My favourite thing about the Beatles is that Statler maintains, to this day, that “the Beatles wrote beautiful love songs with none of this drug stuff and they didn’t need drugs to sing nice“. Awesome. That statement alone should make you run out and buy Rubber Soul!

Gravedigger – Dave Matthews

When you dig my grave

Could you make it shallow

So that I can feel the rain

I know some people think Dave is a hack, I think he’s a talented motherfucker. The song is heavy & usually makes me cry. The DMB is simply amazing live. The first concert Alec & I attended together was DMB in Vancouver &  they kicked our asses. I could seriously post links of his genius all day (that last one will make you feel good!).

Of course, there are songs which bear mentioning, Layla, Gimme Shelter, Where The Streets Have No Name (Joshua Tree, another fuck off, awesome album. Bono is so cool, I know straight guys who would fuck him).

But my all time favourite will probably forever be I’m Fucking Ben Affleck.

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5 thoughts on “Girl Talk Thursday

  1. Ain’t Wastin Time No More and Blue Sky by the Allman Brothers. Blue Sky is my son’s lullaby. He’s 10 now and sings it to me. Actually pretty much anything by AB is a favorite, but those two define a lot of my life.

    Sailin Shoes – I like the Little Feat version, but LOVE Robert Palmer’s. Again, anything by either is all right by me. If you can, listen to “Man Smart, Woman Smarter” by Robert Palmer. Proves that he was a wise man.

    And U2 – gotta agree with you. My best U2 story was when I saw them at the 1983 US festival. 150,000 people all singing “how long….to sing this song….” over and over as each band member slipped away from the stage, leaving us to carry the tune, for several minutes before coming back on one member at a time to finish the song. It was one of those lifetime moments.

    Thanks for the subject.. one of my favorites.

  2. Oh man, U2 live. I wish. I was driving home yesterday & With Or Without You came on & I was thinking how great it would be to see them live. AND, in 1983? Amazing.

    Robert Palmer, totally miss him & his suits! Good call.

    I uh, don’t actually know any AB tunes. I might have to check them out!

  3. That Dave Matthews video for Everyday was exactly what I needed this morning. Now if I could just figure out what I have to do to capture that feeling and feel that everyday, I would do it.

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