Great Weekend!

Had a very rewarding, focus-finding weekend in Edmonton. Let me tell you, no one parties like Creative Memories folks. I had a hard time keeping up! 

The drive up sucked ass, ridiculous rain. Arrived at Statler & Waldorf’s, gave sufficient “oooh’s & ahhh’s” to the new kitchen & proceeded to my hotel – had a great room, bath tub grout was highly questionable, but I didn’t have time for a luxurious bath anyhow. RAN to my first session on Friday night, had a good time. Bailed on schmoozing post session because I needed to eat. Ordered a $20 burger from room service, ate while watching HGTV and passed out into a coma like sleep.

Saturday’s breakfast began at 6:30 am, yah right. Got up, showered, dressed & to the conference for the 8:00 am session. Cousin joined me for the morning session & decided to join so we’ll be working together – yay! Broke for lunch, more afternoon sessions, including one from Nick Kelsh. This dude rocks my world. If you have kids, go buy his books. I’ve read “How To Photograph Your Baby” and you need to too. I promise you, you’ll take better pics & understand what he’s talking about. I seriously cannot believe he was a speaker this weekend, totally made my weekend.

Went for drinks with new friends on Saturday night, and had a great time. Began to fade & bailed to get back to the hotel. Got on elevator & was snagged by another new friend who asked me to a room party where I enjoyed Bailey’s & good conversation. Finally got to bed around 2:00 am and dragged my ass out of bed for the Sunday morning session, arriving a little after 9:00 am. I rule – so does Advil.

Left the conference around 2:00 pm to have lunch with Statler & Waldorf. Things were going really, really well so I did what every daughter of dysfunction does…wait for it to get worse. Here’s the super cute part. My vehicle was parked at Statler & Waldorf’s house (saved on the parking price at the hotel), so when I returned, I see Waldorf had taken my CR-V to the car wash for me and gassed it up so I didn’t have to stop on the way out of the city. How cute is that? Almost made up for the hour prior when we were at a store & I’m standing in line waiting to pay for 2 shirts and Waldorf questions why I am buying large shirts, why not medium? Did I mention he’s German, with an off the boat German accent? AND no volume control? So the whole store heard that I am buying 2 large shirts. I didn’t have the patience to explain that wearing a medium right now would look like entirely too much meat stuffed into sausage casing. Um yeah, I’ll just go take my fat ass back home now. But he washed & gassed up my car, which is so nice. Not a bad Statler & Waldorf visit at all, reserving my horror for the September visit which I know will entail copious amounts of alcohol on my part.

A very good weekend, but nothing beats coming home to Emmy’s almost three year old arms wrapped around my neck and the sweet baby smell which Jude exudes. Not to mention, a clean house (cleaner than I left it!), dinner ready and a good portion of the eleventy seven hundred loads of laundry done and put away. I didn’t receive a call from Alec all weekend, so I checked in at least once a day. The only question he had for me was “where is my hair gel?”. God bless him, he cooked, cleaned, cared for our kids and his only concern was about his hair. He’s awesome.

Here’s to a great weekend, and more in the coming months! Did I mention that Creative Memories kicks serious scrapping ass and their new products totally blew my mind? You want to know what they are don’t you? I know you do…


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