The Fence Pole In My Butt

Let’s talk about the H1N1 vaccine shall we? I’m wondering if the media could cover it a little bit more? I’m really into vague stories which seem to want to scare me more than inform me. I’m also wondering if anyone else out there has noticed something…if the 1’s were i’s, it would be HiNi, pronounced He-knee…exactly like the last name of a certain Balloon Boy. Too much time on my hands? Perhaps.

Alec and I had decided that – like the regular flu vaccine – our family was not getting the H1N1 vaccine. For all of the various reasons. Too new, no long-term studies, Thiomersal, etc. I’m pretty sure I have panties which have been dirty longer than this vaccination has been in existence. Before the pro-vaccine people jump down my throat with both feet, yes, I know that the amount of mercury in the shots is equivalent to a can of tuna, but until there are studies to prove what the safe amount of mercury exposure is, we’ll continue to opt out of the flu shot (in Canada, Thiomersol is only found on the infant immunization schedule in the flu shot). The regular pain in the ass flu is not what I am afraid of.

H1N1 is a whole other beast.

This motherfucker can kill you. Quickly. At first I thought, “uh, it’s just the flu – what’s the big deal if we’re sick for a while?”. Then we all got sick last month. Like, calling 911 for our daughter kind of sick. And, that was something we couldn’t have prevented (Norovirus). Having lived through that, I can’t imagine what it would have been like if I had been given the option to prevent it and had decided to pass. If one of the kids were to end up on a ventilator and survive with possible chronic lung problems because they were one of the 25% who are going to get this bitch, we would be heartbroken.

Flip side. They are vaccinated, and do not get H1N1, but 20 years down the road we are all kicking ourselves because of the long-term side effects of which are currently unknown. Let’s be grown ups and acknowledge that there’s all kinds of crap in vaccines. BUT, because of vaccines, shit like Polio is something we don’t have to worry about like our grandparents did. I don’t worry about Meningitis like previous generations – greatly due to vaccines.

Fucked either way.

I hate pumping my kids full of chemicals just as much as the next mother. BUT, how self-righteous would I be to say to my child “well, I didn’t want you to be exposed to harmful chemicals which are in the vaccines“…while he’s being pumped full of God knows what in a hospital? How much anti-viral crap would be running through his little veins then? Knowing that the complications would have been far less severe if we had just vaccinated…?

The polar opposites continually arguing the vaccination issue makes me want to fund a vaccination for annoying. I’m tired of the “us versus them” bickering. I’m turning off the comments. I love you, honestly I do, but cannot handle any more arguments from either side. I’ve seen propaganda on both sides of the issue & it usually just pisses me off. This is a helpful article – read it.

Jude will not be getting vaccinated. We’re unsure about Emmy, but because she is in preschool, we’re leaning towards doing so.

Alec & I are getting vaccinated – while maintaining common sense like hand washing, vitamin D and C.

It’s kinda like rubbing your head and stomach at the same time.