Summer of ’91

Ah, the summer of ’91. I was in Grade 9.

Awkward. I wish I could give that 13 year old girl a hug, she was really misled about life. However, the summer was awesome. It was the summer I developed my first boy crush – like the first jingle jangle in the downstairs kinda feeling. I know your mental Rolodex is rifling through the possibilities of which Tiger Beat heartthrob tickled my fancy.

Joey MacIntyre?

Jeremy Jordan?

Joey Lawrence?


It was none other than Bryan Adams. Also the summer of the nauseatingly sweet “Everything I Do, I Do It For You”, which went on to be butchered eleventy million times in Korean Kareoke bars – probably only beat out by Richard Marx’s “Right Here Waiting”.

That was a summer of freedom. I was finally old enough to stay home by myself for a night while Statler & Waldorf (and little sister) went to our place at the lake. I somehow fanangled my way into a couple Saturdays a month totally on my own. And I still went to church the next day. I was such a bad ass. I remember walking alone on those Saturday nights, listening to “Waking Up The Neighbours” on my awesome yellow Sony walkman. I wasn’t going anywhere – just relishing in my newfound freedom & warm summer air.

I loved Bryan’s voice, I loved that he wore jeans on stage and I loved that he seemed genuine & humble – ’cause that’s how we Canadians like our celebrities. Although I did go on to buying Tiger Beat & stalking various pseudo celebs, Bryan still has a piece of my heart.

You may be wondering why I am taking you down memoy lane. Well, today Bryan turns 50. Yep, 50.

In 10 days I turn 32…which was the age Bryan was in ’91. No real significance to that, just displays that the line at the grocery store was long today & I had time for some math.

So, happy birthday Bryan, and I forgive you for not falling in love with me back. Now that I am nearly the age you were then, it really would have been icky.


2 thoughts on “Summer of ’91

  1. Something must have been in the air yesterday…. I was remembering Grade 9 and how awful it was while washing my hair. God I wish those memories would dry up already. Unfortunately, I know I’m stuck with them- maybe they’ll remind me to hug my daughter a bit more when she is 14…..

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