One Month…tick, tick, tick.

Christmas is my favourite time of year. I have fantastic memories of Christmases past. I knew as a little girl that I wanted to get married at Christmas time and on December 20th, Alec & I will celebrate 6 years of wedded bliss – well, probably a combined total of 3 years of bliss interrupted by relationship growing pains and learning tolerance for each other…but those moments are rewarded by more bliss.

I’m nauseating myself.

Back to Christmas. It’s in one month. I’ve started the shopping, tomorrow we start the decorating…I need to figure out when I will be baking – won’t be a grand haul of baked goods as in years gone by, but it will be enough to keep guests and Santa happy.

One of our Christmas traditions is watching movies. As much as I love watching classic movies like “An American In Paris” – which I can recite line by line because I’m that corny, when it comes to Christmas, I’m not that refined. Here’s my top 5 Christmas movies – in no order as I actually can’t put a value on them.

1. A Christmas Story. I wish I had nephews to send pink bunny costumes to. And I want a leg lamp.


2. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. Any Christmas movie with the line “Bend over & I’ll show you” is an automatic winner for us. Plus, when we have a bigger house, I know Alec’s new nickname is going to be Sparky – I’ll have the town’s emergency vehicles standing by to catch him when he falls off the roof with his staple gun. Also, it probably bears mentioning that I’ve had a serious crush on Chevy Chase probably since I saw him in The Three Amigos when I was 10 – and I learned what a plethora was.

3. Mickey’s Christmas Carol. That Scrooge McDuck gets me every time.

4. It’s a Wonderful Life. Probably the only true classic, but I really, really, love Jimmy Stewart – and although I love him best in Harvey, he is great as George Bailey. Another bonus with this flick is that Statler doesn’t get it. She watched it for the first time last year & thought it was boring – the moral of the story was completely lost on her. While living in California I think Jimmy’s house was the only picture I took on the celebs house circut….well also Jeff Goldblume’s house but that’s another story – he has a nice green Jag & buys his toilet paper at Costco.

5. A Charlie Brown Christmas. It’s hard to find a Christmas special or movie these days that have anything to do with Jesus. This one is fantastic. I love Mr. Schulz.

And honourable mention goes to Love Actually, just because I do love chick flicks and Alan Rickman is in it. I am sure that if velvet had a voice it would be that of Alan Rickman.

I also think I should get a gold star for not using any fuck words in this post.



6 thoughts on “One Month…tick, tick, tick.

    1. Niiice Limegirl. Yes, I almost bought Robin Hood today at London Drugs for Alan alone.

      Sheriff of Nottingham: [to a wench]
      You. My room. 10:30 tonight.

      Sheriff of Nottingham: [to another wench]
      You. 10:45… And bring a friend.

      Now THAT’S a man I can get behind!

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