Entirely certifiable

I should tell you why finding our wedding video was on our to-do list. On Sunday, Alec & I will celebrate 6 years of matrimony. We love Christmas and having a Christmas wedding was a no brainer. Following our wedding we were exhausted & swore the rest of our Christmases would be spent relaxing with each other, enjoying the holiday magic.

That statement shows how brain deficient we were at the time.

We were one of the first in our groups of friends to get married. We learned things. Like, the bride & groom should be mic’ed or the whirring sound of the beer cooler will drown out your vows. Make sure you have an iron clad contract with your caterer or they might serve dinner 3 hours late bring only one staff member who is dressed like a painted lady of the night and then run out of food while your uncles are washing dishes like man men so you don’t find out there’s no one there to wash. Don’t have an open mic for speeches or someone might bring up the fact that they met you in a strip club which will lead the groom’s grandmother to believe you were a stripper. Those are the things that could go wrong. What went right? We got married. Our officient was my 3rd grade teacher & it was the perfect day. I have a wine stained dress to prove it – which I’ve never washed.

We don’t exchange gifts, because it’s so close to Christmas, but we try to go out on an actual date. And not talk about the kids. I would also like to have sex in the CRV – that’s the 6th year gift isn’t it? Anyway before we can get to the festivities of the matrimonial bed, there’s a Christmas bash to throw.

One day to our annual Christmas party. Every year I say I’m not doing it and every year I do. Alec & I came to an agreement this year – he’s working like a crazy person up until gift opening on Christmas day so my stipulation for the party was that I wouldn’t have to cook. So, food is ordered & ready for pick up tomorrow. Now I just have to clean up the house and get the little things ready. Oh yah, and to top off the cheesiness that is us, Alec will be playing the part of Santa to the dozen or so kids that will be here. Provided the effing costume shows up today. I’m sure it will. I’m sure it will. 

So in calculating the numbers, I realized we have 40-ish people attending. Holy crap. This year will most certainly be over the top (did I mention I’m not cooking?!). I most certainly will be enjoying spirits! So honey, in case I forget on Sunday, I love you. Please don’t take pictures of me when I’m hung over.

Love this pic because it looks like I have cleavage. Thank you Lily & hockey tape for making that happen!

We look like we have the world by the ass in this one – we actually have no clue. Also, we look much older now!

Love you babe – thanks for getting older looking with me!


2 thoughts on “Entirely certifiable

    1. You my dear are entirely too kind & I beg to differ.

      Well, perhaps not “old” but “tired”. So frigging tired. We look all happy & chipper in these pics – almost blissfully ignorant. Love it.

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