Ring A Ding Ding

So, how did you ring in the new year? Hopefully you feel refreshed & not at all frazzled and worn out from holiday events. 

We had a great Christmas. Santa brought Emmy a honk-butt of Thomas the Train stuff – she was so excited. And I love that my baby girl chose a toy that her little brother can play with when he gets older. What a thoughtful little lady. By the end of the holidays, we figured we’d had about 80 folks through our home – including Santa, who is in the pic below with Jude. Although we had a fun time with family and friends, now that the tree has been put away for another year (thanks Babe), I am thankful to have my house back. I am also thankful that Statler & Waldorf are back home – three hours away. Their visit was downright exhausting.

And now we are into 2010. Hmm. A whole fucking decade has passed since I’ve done Jell-o shots. How is that possible? Not that I miss turning my tongue blue, quite the opposite. I’ve heard of some chicks drinking entire bottles of Disaronno & taking drunken rides up & down elevators while groping their token gay friends. Okay, so it was me. But that was like, a wicked long time ago, yo. Anyway, we rang in the new year at home, with another couple – quietly so the kiddies wouldn’t wake up. What a difference a decade makes.

So I guess now is the time for resolutions? I will admit, that I don’t think I’ve ever made a resolution before. Why the hell start now? Or maybe it’s that I make little resolutions every day & if I survive the day, then I’m a success? I don’t know.

Here’s where I am at today & it will probably change before I sleep tonight.

1. I need to play nice & be friends with Jillian Michaels. I’ve had her DVD since Hallowe’en. It’s been on the counter, the floor, our bedroom and the bottom of Emmy’s toy box…everywhere but the DVD player.

2. I need to work on having more patience with Statler & Waldorf. Yah. That’s a toughie. Five minutes into Christmas morning, I was informed my floor looked like I hadn’t cleaned it since 1988 & that my kids are spoiled. I admit that as of late, my patience with them can be lacking. I sometimes find myself being snappy to those comments. The little girl who just absorbed it is so fuuuucking tired & sometimes just needs a break. However, that won’t happen, so only my response to their behaviour can change. They are who they are and if it weren’t for this blog where I can vent, I’d be smoking again. Having a smoke after they’d leave our place (they didn’t know I smoked so I’d have to wait until they were gone to go outside) was the reward for not losing my cool during a visit. Getting through their visits without a vice is like swimming with alligators while covered in meat. So I guess I need to suck it up.

3. 1996 called and as it turns out, Amanda Marshall wants her hair back. I need to figure out what to do with the giant afrotastic tresses that spew from my head. If I keep going down this road, you should buy stocks in hair product.

4. Writing. I really do like blogging. It’s a little weird to think people I actually know read this – and then come back. I am so not qualified to have any kind of following. I also see other bloggers who talk about how they are outlining their posts and preparing future posts. What? I just sit down and type out the crap that falls from my brain, run through spell check & click publish. There are methods folks use to have a successful blog. That’s probably something I should look at.

5. Work. I am a Consultant for Creative Memories. Man, I loooove digital scrapbooking. Over the last couple of months I have worked on learning my software and having a blast doing it. When I heard about “digital scrapbooking”, I had about as much interest in it as watching Paris Hilton give a motivational speech. However, the payoff is remarkable. I am a complete digital convert – the only limits I have hit is my imagination. Now feel like I have tools to help others create beautiful pages they will cherish for years to come & make unforgettable gifts for their loved ones. My legacy to my kids is to tell the story of their childhood through their scrapbooks. Don’t let your babies grow up to be jpegs.

I also started Consulting for Scentsy. Awesomeness for my nostrils. I loooove their scents & my house smells awesome. I am loving the scent Mochadoodle – makes my house smell like yummy food without me having to bake anything – which will help with number 1.

If anyone has advice on how to run 2 successful home businesses while raising 2 mungacakes, I’m willing to listen!

6. Now I’ll round out the 5 resolutions with a number 6 – the resolution I’ll love to break. Stop lusting after strange celebs. Luckily, I have a fantastic husband who knows I’m just a silly girl & wouldn’t actually run off with Dean Winchester.

This post is pretty much a mess. I tried to go deep with my resolutions – which came out neither funny or serious. Oh well. What are your resolutions?


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