A Day To Celebrate

Is it weird that I didn’t do a post on Jesus’ birthday but I am posting on Elvis’ birthday? Never noticed this but both of those names are 5 letters long and end with “s”. I’m just sayin’.

Anyway, today The King (not Jesus) would have been 75. Seventy Five. I was born just after he died – at 42. Forty Two. So if you do the math, I’ve been a fan for 33 years (I think I was a fan prenatal, but can’t say for sure, so let’s just count from birth). Thirty Three (now I just have to write out the numbers for consistensy sake). Did you know 33 was an important number to Walt Disney? Yep. Haven’t eaten at Club 33, but as soon as my career takes off in rural Alberta, I’m sure I’ll make the cut.

Evidently I have the attention span of a 13 year old boy in health class.

Elvis. Riiight. January 8th. I’m sure there will be hours of his stellar movies playing on TCM today. As soon as I can rip Cinderella out of the DVD player, I’ll be checking that one. A dear friend of mine delivered her baby girl this morning. I am so totally jealous happy for their little one who will get to celebrate on Elvis’ birthday. I was born in November. I share a birthday with ‘Ol Dirty Bastard & Chad Fucking Kroeger. Yah. To top that off, my birthstone is topaz. Really? It looks like pee.

Happy birthday Elvis. And all you lucky bastards born today – you know who you are.


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