Droppin’ Like Flies…

My childhood gave me many things.

Ill fitting homemade jeans.

Frizzy hair.

Playing doctor.

And old man lust.

It’s true. I have a really weird attraction to men who are 2 or 3 times older than I am. My little friends all wanted to be Tiffani when they grew up, I wanted to be Tuesday Weld. It’s really a miracle that Alec is only 6 months older than me ’cause if I had my way, he’d probably be collecting pension. The problem with me getting older is that all the dudes I fell in love with as a little girl are dying.

You might think I’m talking about Cory Haim, as I was a kid when The Lost Boys came out – but being a bad ass, of course I was more into the older Jason Patric! No, no, I am talking about the passing of Robert Culp. I’ll wait while you call your parents to find out who that is.

He was in I Spy with Bill Cosby – which was where I first saw him. How bad ass are you that you can get away with hiding your gun with a tennis racket? Genius.

Then I enjoyed him in the 80’s in The Greatest American Hero – what a great show. That’s when TV was good. I miss Magnum too. And while I’m at it, McMillan & Wife kicked some ass.

In the 90’s I loved Robert Culp in Everybody Loves Raymond. Now, I know that show has a reputation for being lame, which I understand. BUT after Emmy was born we found ourselves watching TV at weird times and caught a few episodes. It was ELR’s last season – we catch on late – and we ended up buying all 9 seasons on DVD and devoured them during late night feedings and I fell in love with Robert all over again (Warren – Debra’s Dad). It was most likely due to his character’s jean’s/white runners/blazer combo which Waldorf is really prone to sport for special occasions. Also, Warren’s tendency to speak foreign languages for no apparent reason is also a Waldorf trait.

It’s fitting that Robert Culp passed on Steve McQueen’s birthday – another old dude who was on my list.

So, who’s left?

Mmmm. Robert Wagner.

Ooooh yeah. I’m gonna go watch Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice now. Yeah.


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