A Re-do?

Ever have one of those days where you realize you’re out of tampons & getting some would require hauling ass to Wal-Mart with a 1 & 3 year old which would solve the menstrual issue but may be a factor in the slow unraveling of your common sense resulting in feeding everyone McDonald’s while sitting in dirty shopping cart? So then you decide to stick to pads which just make life sticky & gross, but who cares because what’s going on in your life that’s so important that you actually need to feel good?

This is followed by a teething 1 year old who won’t let you put him down for more than 3 nano seconds before bursting into screams, which means your house now looks and smells like a total land-fill because you haven’t had a chance to comb your hair let alone wash anything or anyone. Yes, yesterdays mascara looks oh-so-fashionable at 6:00 the following evening.

Your 3 year old is completely neglected for the umpteenth day in a row because when you actually get a moment to yourself you would like to pee or maybe eat something. And all you want to do is take her somewhere special, spend more than 3 minutes with her without feeling like everything will fall apart if you’re actually enjoying a moment.

You snap at everyone & everything because the knots in your shoulders have now grown vertebrae and have become a being that continually play bongos on the back of your head until you’re willing to trade massage therapy for sex. But in your physical state, you know no one wants to tap that.

And if today were any different than the days which preceded it or are to follow in the near future, perhaps that light would be a little brighter. Alas, you are a realist and can see that that light at the end of the tunnel has been extinguished by a cave in. Expecting otherwise is like putting your hand in a fire & expecting a paraffin wax.

Lunch was crackers with cheese & apples.

Should’ve gone to McDonald’s after all.


4 thoughts on “A Re-do?

  1. Oh I know, it’s ridonculous. This “day” has turned out to be also know as May. Catching a break at some point would be great.

    Beating this cold would be nice too. I hate summer colds!

  2. Totally with you, dude. It seems like my life is an endless stretch of boogery noses and “The A says “ah”” songs.
    You do what you’ve gotta do — and if McD’s gets you through, then go for it.

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