Ahhh, July. The Calgary Stampede. Good times. I haven’t been for the last couple of years because I wanted to wait until Emmy was a little bit bigger so she could enjoy the kid things. I love the Stampede. The Coke stage – good times of years gone by (ass grass stains) and mini doughnuts. I’m planning to take Emmy to see the parade this year because I think she’ll get a kick out of it & I’ve never attended the Stampede Parade.

Jet & Cord McCoy. The Calgary Stampede recently announced that these guys will be our parade marshals this year. I had to google them. Then I thought they were a gay couple & was mildly impressed by the Calgary Stampede organizers – then I read they were brothers. From The Amazing Race.

Never mind.

Basically, they’re the parade marshals because they’re cowboys. That’s it? That’s all you have to do? Let’s do a run down of their qualifications.

1. They’re cowboys, they run a ranch.

2. They’re nice boys. Everything I have read about them this morning indicate that they’re gentlemen.

Wait, what? That’s it? The end of their qualifications. Let’s now go over why I think it’s a complete fail on the organizer’s part for choosing these guys.

They’re AMERICAN. We have had non Canucks before; Walt Disney in 1965, Prince Charles in 1977. Um…Roy Rogers, Bing Crosby and Mickey Friggin’ Mouse! Sure, they weren’t Canadian, but at least they had some relevance! A reality show is our jumping point on relevance now? They didn’t even win the Amazing Race!!! The argument seems to be that there hasn’t been a cowboy marshal since 1999. Oooookay, then choose a cowboy. That’s fine. I know some in Millarville, Priddis, I’m sure there’s loads out there – who are local. I’d love if any of the farmers/ranchers from my Farmer’s Market were marshals.

How about Sonny Davis? Rick Hansen? Shane Koyczan? How about anyone from the Canadian Forces? How about any one of the fantastic Canadian athletes who just finished competing on international levels in the Olympics – Alexandre Bilodeau anyone? Are we really running out of people to bestow honour on that we’re choosing “nice guys” from reality TV? If you need to go for fame – we do have those too – how about Todd McFarlane? Jay Manuel? If you’re wanting to kick it old school, I’m sure Tommy Hunter can fit us in! Hell, I’d prefer Shania Twain (and you should know that actually pains me).

Truly, the only way it could be worse is if Chad Kroeger were named marshal.

Pssst! Stampede Board – I’ve heard that Adam Beach is a nice guy too. Get on it for next year!


4 thoughts on “Um…who???

  1. Umm…sorry to burst your bubble….but they’re not just ranchers and nice guys….they’re rodeo cowboys too.


    Cord, 29, is a highly-ranked professional bull rider and a five-time
    International Professional Rodeo Association champion. Jet, 30, has won
    the IPRA four times.

    1. This is true. Their rodeo career spans from 1998 – 2003.

      I guess we have no Canadian Rodeo Champions from the last say, 7 years who might be more deserving? Hell, more current? 5 of the 10 Canadian Professional Rodeo Tour are from Alberta, not to mention the SIX other circuits going on in Canada.

      Wait, those cowboys probably weren’t on a reality show.

      Fail in my opinion.

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