Lions, Tigers and Mice?

I know it’s been a wicked long time since I got off my ass and blogged, and this isn’t a particularly great post…sorry. I’m sure I’ll return shortly with diatribes about how people annoy the crap outta me. In the mean time, this is where I’m at.

If Lewis CK & Minnie Mouse had a baby…it would be me. I’d be the most profane mouse known in the Magic Kingdom. I love Disney. Yes, I know they control most of the “free” world, but I love, love, love all things Disney. I went to Disney World in elementary school & it was great, but when I moved to California in ’97 & went to Disneyland, I fell in love.

Forever kind of love.

When Emmy was about 9 months old, I got it in my head to take her and Alec to Disneyland and show them my old stomping grounds so to speak. Through a series of events, Alec’s folks and Statler & Waldorf joined us.

For 2 weeks.

You might think that the Tower of Terror is a scary ride, but believe me, the in-law ridewe were on was the scariest in the park. With no exit.

Between Waldorf wanting guess everyone’s name based on their ethnicity (guess how many times he guessed Juan? Good times) and Statler’s constant complaining (it was most unfortunate that I could do nothing about the Californian climate for her, there are just some things out of my control!), I honestly felt like we had 3 children sometimes.

I became a chain smoking alcoholic for 13 sleeps. We returned and felt like we needed another 2 weeks off.

But there were some good memories. Fun times with Minnie. And it was the place that Emmy pulled herself up to stand on her own for the first time.

During the spring/summer, Alec was working like a crazy man. Many hours. Many missed moments. I decided to whisk Emmy away to the Happiest Place on Earth for a weekend getaway and give us both a break. Alec decided he didn’t want to miss the fun & we began vacation planning. Somehow I managed to pull everything together for mid September. Just in time to celebrate Emmy’s birthday. We’re staying at the Grand Californian thanks to a wicked promo Disney had on. It’s one of those hotels I would walk by and think “some day”, and we’re actually friggin’ doing it.

So now Emmy is counting the sleeps and getting excited. Not as excited as me though. She basically thinks we’re going to the biggest Disney Store ever. Well, I guess we are. I’ll be booking our Disney Dining reservations this week and beginning the lists of stuff to pack.

As we’ve gotten closer though, Emmy is showing signs of nervousness. She loves watching planes, but isn’t thrilled at the thought of flying in one. Has anyone else had a nervous child flyer? I don’t think the TV option is going to cut it on the plane, what have you used to keep your little ones from being afraid of the plane? I’m hoping we can chat with a Flight Attendant when we get to the airport. What are your kids’ favourite activities on a plane?


3 thoughts on “Lions, Tigers and Mice?

  1. Gravol, knocks ’em right out.

    No seriously best thing is to bring a portable DVD player (with her fav. Disney to build it up) if you don’t want to haul that with you, call or check the airline website and see what will be playing (I don’t know who you’re using but Westjet’s PPV movies change every 2 weeks or so, but they used to have ‘on demand’ tv too). The movie/ video system used to ‘go down’ a lot so, its a gamble to use that as your only distraction.

    Also make sure you pre-board so you can talk to your FAs before they get too distracted and get a private safety briefing. Show Emmy the bathroom before you go in the air…it gets really noisy after take off and can be a little freaky especially being so small.

    I used to tell my dear nervous flyer hubby what each noise was from take off to landing. If I told him what the sound was or what was coming, it helped him relax a little bit more. And remind her her ears might feel some pressure on descent (if she has a cold or stuffy nose, either get her to blow it gently through descent or give a decongestant).

    That’s about it. A lot depends on how your FAs are. IF they’re cool, they’ll help make it fun and distracting but if Emmy wants to ask me anything, tell her we can chat anytime 🙂

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