We’re Fine

This will be short & quick.

We all survived. The plane didn’t go down in a fiery ball. The pilot was very competent. And I had no anxiety. Happy day. Emmy did awesome too. Thank goodness for TVs on planes. She watched Shrek 4. I watch Sex & The City 2 – I probably should’ve watched Shrek. It was an okay movie & I heard there wasn’t a lot of sex in it which was why I was watching it next to a 4 year old. Until the end. I threw myself onto the screen to cover some Kim Cattrall body part…while strapped to my seat. I’m very entertaining in-flight.

Disneyland was kick ass. Seriously, it was awesome. Always is. The best part was living it through Emmy’s eyes. I cannot wait to take her back.

But more about planes. While landing at LAX, I saw a vessel belonging to Virgin Airlines. I get that it’s a part of Richard Branson’s empire. BUT, is that the best name for an airline? Really? I’d have more confidence in an airline called I’mATotalWhoreIGaveGeneSimmonsLessons Airline.

Just a thought.


One thought on “We’re Fine

  1. Growing up my little sister’s favorite movie was Manequin… speaking of Kim Catrall. Also, I think entering the mile high club means more if you take someone’s virginity at the same time.

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