Bah Humbug

We love Christmas. Like, really love Christmas. So much so that when we started planning our wedding, the time of year was a no brainer. We tied the knot on December 20, 2003 and loved everything about our Christmas wedding. I try to start Christmas shopping & baking early because Alec’s schedule isn’t predictable, so if he has some free time, I don’t want to be in line for scotch tape or up to my eyeballs in shortbread, I want to spend it with him & the kids.

That said, I wonder how early is too early for Christmas? Growing up, I remember distinct periods of time between holidays. No one thought about Christmas until after Remembrance Day, and even then, that would’ve been early.  My birthday is mid November and I’ve always said that’s the kick off to the holiday season – the time to start shopping & getting prepared.

I was completely flabbergasted when I was getting groceries the week before Halloween to see that Christmas trees were being put up and shipments of decorations on flats in preparation of shelf placement. The Halloween isle was discounted on the left and Christmas decorations, table runners, trees, stars and wrapping paper on the right side of the isle. It was weird. Just weird. Talk about the clash of holidays. I get wanting to have Christmas in your heart all year, but do I really need it in my Halloween candy?

I did buy Emmy her Christmas dress early, but that’s because her size is never available, so I grabbed the only size 4 they had and ran. Well, I paid first. I let her wear it today. It was because I was choosing my battle and made a deal. She could wear her new dress today but not again until she visits Santa. Seemed fair. And kept my brain from exploding due to the never ending “can I wear it? Puhleeeeze?” argument. But it did seem early – she won’t be seeing it again until she sees the big man.

Holidays are running into each other. I guarantee that come January 1st the Valentine’s Day crap will be available. What’s going on? Is it purely commercialism? Are our lives going so fast that we feel the need to begin preparing for the next holiday when the current one hasn’t even passed? If that’s the case how much are we enjoying the moments we’ve been given? Do I really need to be buying a Christmas advent calendar in freakin’ October?!

And what happened to Remembrance Day? Seriously. Growing up, that was a big deal. It’s important, and I fear it is getting lost in the Christmas shuffle. Because we don’t have a giant meal and stuff ourselves beyond the seams of our pants do we need to limit it to just a “moment of silence” at some point on November 11th? And how many of us even do that? The median age of World War II Veterans is 87 years. The world we live in has given us more Veterans, what about them? Did you know that it’s Veteran’s Week? I didn’t. That’s a shame. Before I hang tinsel, sing a Christmas Carol, buy a gift or watch Christmas Vacation, I will be sitting down with Emmy to explain the importance of Remembrance Day. If we don’t do something, this day will be lost and become just something kids do in school. Christmas has a time and place, and it shouldn’t make an appearance anywhere near November 11th.


6 thoughts on “Bah Humbug

  1. Hmm, I completely agree…too much greed and money-grabbing retailers and commercialism. And I hate those ads that talk about finding “the perfect gift” for that special someone…last time I checked, the things I value can’t be bought with money.
    And back to Remembrance Day/Veteran’s Day…I too feel like people don’t treat it like the big deal it is…..imagine, there are still stores and retailers out there that will not put poppy collections in their stores…..for shame!!

  2. I know. I was driving home yesterday and saw a house with the full Christmas light display going on, icicles and all. Next door? Orange lights a Frankenstein on the lawn. It’s just plain weird. Has it been this early for a while? It seems strangely early this year!

  3. As you well know I love Christmas and have started decorating and have some lights up as well. Growing up, the Christmas season began on November 1 but I was always taught the importance of Remembrance Day. We have sat down and talked to Julianne about the day as well we have already attended 2 ceremonies for Remembrance day and have plans to attend at least 1 more this week. We have had daily discussion about the day with her for the past week.  

    This is the first year that I remember having people (on Facebook and in person) telling me that since we have Christmas stuff out that we are not respecting Remembrance Day. I personally think that we can do both. At least in my household I know we can- we have since I was a kid. :o)


    1. Thanks Alison, I personally think you’re an exception. I think this is the first year that Christmas stuff began showing up before Halloween had even arrived – that is way too early.

      I find it obnoxious to hear Christmas commercials the first week of November. That’s airtime that could be spent honouring Veterans. Period. Christmas retailers have more money so they win the airtime. I think it’s sick that the malls and such will be open on Remembrance Day – but we know how much Christmas shopping is to be done…it’s sick.

      I feel there’s a long stretch of time for the celebration of Christmas and it’s easy for Remembrance Day to get lost in the shuffle.

      1. I agree about the malls being open. Gymboree closes on November 11 for the entire day. That is very important to me and my family!!

        I am also not a shopper so have yet to see anything Christmas in the malls as I am never there. I hate shopping!! I just like Christmas….

  4. The fact that Remembrance Day is treated as just another day off sickens me. This should be the most widely observed stat holiday in our country, and sadly it seems to be the most ignored. People ask to exchange the day off for a Friday/Monday if it doesn’t fall on a weekend… more and more business are staying open, and encouraging people to shop.

    Sick. Just plain sick.

    Kerrigan’s great-grandpa actually fought in WWII, as did some of my great-uncles. It seems so disrespectful to ignore their sacrifices.

    What gets me more than anything, is that Remembrance Day is the one day a year that means something (or should) to EVERY Canadian citizen. The sacrifice of our veterans is what gives us the freedom to have 9 other stat holidays a year, to celebrate as we see fit.

    Surely it’s not too much to ask, that in return we give just one of those days back to them? That we don’t use it to further gorge ourselves on consumerism? Heck, I’d be happy if everyone at least stayed closed until noon – reminding everyone that they should be at a service honouring the veterans. When I was in retail, that’s exactly what I did – and had a sign on my store stating so. 🙂

    Wow. Sorry for the rant. Apparently I needed to get that out. 🙂

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