Lucy & Desi Beds

I grew up in kind of a weird bubble. It was pretty conservative.

I was constantly falling UP the stairs – just the stairs to the bedrooms. When this klutziness didn’t follow me to other sets of stairs, I chalked it up to the ghosts in the house (trust me, they’re there). On one of my tumbles, I yelled, “shoot!”.

Don’t say “shoot” is sounds too much like “shit”. See? Conservative.

We grew up watching shows like The Brady Bunch, Lassie, and The Honeymooners. Like Statler & Waldorf’s fashion sense, their taste in entertainment was definitely stuck in the 60’s. My favourite show growing up was I Love Lucy. I wanted to grow up, marry a Cuban musician and have red hair. I got everything but the Cuban part, but Cubans are hard to find way up here!

I also assumed that when I found my Cuban we’d share a bedroom, but not beds. Lucy & Desi had twin beds next to each other & I thought they had it figured out. Statler & Waldorf didn’t share a bed – or a bedroom (which later lead to my teenaged theory that they were actually brother & sister. Since I was adopted, it made sense. Waldorf’s whole I’m German thing was all a farce and there was a big secret going on there – but that didn’t pan out…at least not yet).

My grandparents didn’t share a bedroom, my parents didn’t share a bedroom & I just thought that’s how things worked. I’m sure my grandparents shared a room and a bed when they were raising kids but for what ever reason by the time I came along, they were separated by a bathroom. Statler & Waldorf shared a room when they were first married, but Waldorf’s snoring got him his own set of sheets (yeah right – I still think it’s DNA).

The TV I watched growing up didn’t help either. No one shared a bed. The first couple I saw in a bed together were the Huxtables. I figured Cliff didn’t make enough money so he couldn’t have his own room – or they had too many kids.

Soon I realized that people actually slept in the same room – in the same bed. Weird. I couldn’t see how I would ever be able to sleep with someone next to me. Luckily, Alec doesn’t snore and other than the fact that occasionally his bladder holds less liquid than ear dropper, he doesn’t bug me at all. I usually can’t sleep without him. There are some nights that he’s up really late working and I toss & turn until he comes to bed. I hate hotel sleeping without him because although I enjoy sleeping like a starfish, it’s just weird if I’m not kicking him.

Last night, Emmy got sick. It must have been something she ate, because we’re all fine today. But, last evening into the wee hours, she was puking like a frat boy. The poor girl just wanted Daddy to sleep in her room. So, Alec grabbed some bedding and they had themselves a sleepover and our little girl slept well. And so did I! I expected to be up all night, but I slept soundly. A pre-children kind of sleep. It was amazing & I saw a glimpse of value in the Lucy & Desi beds.

We won’t be investing in any new bedroom furniture, I’m sure it was a one time kind of sleep. But, I am thankful for it. And for Alec who puts up with me and my crazy bed nature. The bed must be just so before we can slumber and he lets me arrange everything and only makes fun of me when he has the energy.

I like having a boy in my room – and my bed.


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