What’s up?

So. February 2011. That’s when this blog died. It was a mixture of things. Jude became mobile, free time became non existent. I kept thinking, “I should blog again” and somehow years have passed. My babies are 5 and 8. What?! The circle of time is coming back to me now and I actually have some of it to spare. That’s how long it takes for you to get a brain back after babies are born. Five years. Consider yourself warned.

Another reason I stopped blogging was that people who knew me in real life were reading my blog. There’s something therapeutic about writing your thoughts down and having it out there for strangers, but for your people to read it? It can get awkward. I’d bump into folks and they’d reference something from here and I’d smile, nod and wonder “how in the actual fuck did they know about that?!”. Right. It’s out there. Which means I probably shouldn’t discuss the time Alec went spelunking in my vagina looking for a lost tampon for me (it wasn’t there. Wasn’t wearing one, but was convinced I was and if he didn’t look for it I’d most likely die from Toxic Shock. I also made him come home from work to do this. So ya know, if you know him in real life, feel free to high five him for not killing his insane wife).

The final reason for my hiatus. Irreverent Mommy. Not sure that moniker is going to stay around. It might. Might not. I started this blog when Jude was less than a month old. While I would like to tell you that first year was rainbows and unicorns all around, it really wasn’t. I was an angry postpartum lady. It’s only time that has allowed me to look back and see that it wasn’t the easiest year, but irreverence was where I lived. I don’t so much live there anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I still have the irreverent tongue but I’m not so grrrrr about life anymore.

Time for a new start. Probably the same amount of swearing.


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