Simma Down Na

Last post was October…guess it’s time for a biannual post? I’m cracking up a little bit because my life kind of imploded right after that post in ways I didn’t see coming. I’ll save catching you up for when the dust has settled. It’s been a crazy time. I’m just trying to get back to life. Work. I miss my work. I haven’t been able to take care of clients the way I’d like to, which is a sucky feeling but I’m out to rectify that and get back to what I love. I feel like I’ve been spread too thin for too long and not doing anything well. Doing a lot of things mediocrely, but nothing has been done exceptionally. That’s a draining feeling. I’m out to make some changes in the coming months and finding a balance.

What is on my mind is a blog post that was written last year but it only popped into my feed today. I was disgusted. I’m hesitant to even put a link to it, but I suppose I should – just as a frame of reference. That right there? Hurtful. To be honest, it’s been chapping my ass since I saw it. I don’t understand why women feel the need to be such bitches to each other. The post is the post, it’s one persons opinion. Go ahead, rant and rave, I’m sure there’s nasty posts in my blog too but I’m hoping nothing like that. The comments threw me too. Hurling hateful sentiments about sisters, cousins, moms – well, I suppose unless the family sees the actual comments, they’ll never know. Courageous of you nasty posters. Family. Geez, you feel that way about someone who shares your DNA, I can only imagine what you think when you meet me. Luckily, what what others think of me is none of my business.

Let me get this off my chest. “Pyramid Schemes” was thrown into the post and kept coming up in the comments. Let me be super clear – Pyramid Schemes and Direct Sales are 2 different things. Google can help you see the glaring differences. Educate yourself before placing judgement. No one has gone to jail for being involved in Direct Sales. Okay. I feel better.

I have been in Direct Sales before. I’d say from 2006 – 2011, I probably joined eleventy DS companies. I’ll admit it, I am a kitnapper. I just can’t walk away on a good kit. There were really only two companies I tried to make work, but as it turns out – I supremely suck at sales. Here’s the thing though, each of those times I tried to do something with those companies, I changed. My confidence grew. My circles grew. Hanging out with women who were like me filled my cup. Without those experiences, I know I wouldn’t be able to do what I do today. I learned something from each of those ladies.

Sometimes, I feel like Barney Stinson. Need spices? I have a gal for that. Need plastic? I have a gal for that. Need makeup? I have a gal for that. Is my entire wardrobe/medicine cabinet/home filled with DS product? Nope. Some is though. There are some companies I really like and if it means I’m helping out another mama trying to make it to her goal, quota, incentive trip or pay the dental bill, then that’s great.

My FB feed is full of folks, but let’s leave the men out of it. Some ladies own their own businesses – clothing store owners, chefs, a toy store owner, gardening/nursery owners and I could go on. These all get placed in my mental Filofax (did I date myself there?) in case I need them later. Do I appreciate it when they post their specials? You bet. Why is that more acceptable than when a DS rep posts theirs? If you’re happy doing what you do, don’t let anyone begrudge you that because someone else views what you do as somehow less than legitimate. It is legit. Due to the fact that my small business is not related to DS does not make it more legitimate than my Tupperware lady’s business and it would be absolutely presumptuous of me to think otherwise.

The blog post went on about social media feeds being filled with DS chatter. That has less to do DS reps/companies and more to do with the author’s inability to utilize the tools FB offers. There’s easy ways around that. Stop whining about seeing posts about nail wraps and eyelashes. Don’t want to see it? Again, Google can solve that if you can’t figure it out.

Why the need to tear people down? C’mon now. All you DS ladies, keep moving forward. Don’t let someone’s opinion of how they think DS works affect you. If you love wrapping your bits in cellophane (okay, I know it’s not actual plastic wrap, but it’s funnier that way) to lose weight, awesome. If your face is smooth & wrinkle free because you found a cream that works for you, rock on. If you’re using shakes or supplements to clear skin, lose weight or get more energy, you ride that train. When you feel good about yourself, you spread joy. Joy is infectious. If you’re getting a buzz from your job, share it. I don’t care if you’re a cashier at Walmart, an executive director of a non profit or you just joined a DS company. I’d much rather see that on FB than FarmVille (is that still around? I wouldn’t know because I hid it years ago and don’t see it anymore!).

Happiness isn’t a destination, it’s a journey and a decision. Tearing someone down isn’t going to make you happy. Happy Mother’s Day to all you mamas out there, do what makes you happy.




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